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In his memoir, Play On, he writes, "It suited something in our make-up for a while and we were each other's perfect playmates."That's not all it was, but that's what we needed and what we needed it to be.“If you’d asked me that years ago I would have said so, being the old dreamer that I tend to be.“But now I just accept things how they are, and try to be civil and open.It was the perfect fantasy." Following his affair with Nicks, Fleetwood began dating Sara Recor, the wife of a music manager and Nicks' best friend.The couple subsequently wed in 1988, but divorced in 1995.

We have two new people in the band who have been hugely accepted and welcomed, but in many ways it does amaze me that we are still here all these years later, after all of the ups and downs.

“Me and John (Mc Vie) sometimes talk about it — we look around and say, ‘How did that all happen?

’” Mick confirmed that he has not spoken to Lindsey since their bust-up, and added: “I don’t think there will be a point where the band’s former members all end up back in a good place together.

"We know we have something new, yet it’s got the unmistakable Mac sound." Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Mick Fleetwood admits the acrimonious exit of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham 18 months ago could have marked the end of one of rock’s great names.

Mick says: “Lindsey’s departure was traumatic and a major change for the band, but we decided we wanted to carry on. Of course, we could have just stopped and it probably would have been an easy point to stop, but we definitely didn’t want to.

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