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Steve frequently shows up in Dan's videos (mainly Nerd³ Battles - previously Father and Son Days), however, his mother and sister rarely do.His mother previously appeared on the video, "Nerd³'s Mother and Son-Days - GTA Online" which is the first, and last episode of the Mother and Son-Days series.Basically, he's doing what he wants, and it's awesome., as it featured THIS GAY KISS!*shows footage of the kiss* Now, a lot of people wanted me to edit out THIS GAY KISS!Dan also has a sister, thought to be Banana³ (Banana Cubed); her real name is Hannah.His mother is presumed to be Italian as Dan has stated that he is half Italian in an episode of the Podcats.

The break has since ended on September 15th, 2017 when he uploaded 2 videos he recorded before his break, new videos began on the 16th of September and a new episode is uploaded every saturday.

Dan originally created the channel to produce all his IRL content such as his Vlogs which were previously released on his main channel.

Most of the produced content were miscellaneous content that followed no real trend or fashion, apart from the occasional series.

His primary You Tube channel Official Nerd Cubed, which has over 2.5 million subscribers and over 1,000,000,000 views, focuses primarily on gaming.

The channel has a wide variety of consistent series.

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Nerd³ is a British Let's Play channel on You Tube created by Daniel Hardcastle and run by himself and Wot Fanar, devoted to gaming and reviewing games. Largely inspired as a cross between Hannah Hart's , it combines quick editing with strange, unexpected humour and real-time gameplay.

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