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Ashley stood like a pillar for Peyton in all the tough times from severe neck injuries to the allegations made by a female trainee.She has an enormous impact on Manning’s life and career by being behind the spotlight.He played for Colts from 1998-2011 and then after releasing from there he signed a contract with Denver Broncos till 2015.Ashley and Peyton shares a very strong bond which was displayed by the motivation that she gave Peyton and talked him out of his retirement.The duo has proved that true love increases and strengthens with time.Peyton Manning is an ex- American footballer who played as a quarterback and have completed 18 seasons playing in the National Football League.

The cupid of their love story were her parents’ neighboring family who introduced her to Mr.While the case settled in 1997, Jamie once again sued Peyton and his father in a defamation case in 2002 as she found herself being disparaged in the player’s book.The case once again settled outside the court with concealed conditions.He has earned about 8 million from bother the salary and the bonus that he got throughout his career.The rest million add up from the investment income and 7 from the endorsements deals like Master Card, ESPN, Reebok, Direc TV, Gatorade to name a few.

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