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co-stars as a “magnificent talent” and “one of a kind artist.” Ellis played the flamboyant Lafayette Reynolds throughout the entire 2008-14 run of the HBO signature series, adding heart, grit and fierce gay pride to the supernatural happenings in Bon Temps, Louisiana.“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the level of humility and kindness that came with the Magnificent Talent that Nelsan Ellis had,” tweeted Sam Trammell, who co-starred as the shape-shifting Sam Merlotte, owner of the bar and grill where Lafayette served as cook and tough-as-lacquered-nails peacekeeper.

Before you did theater, you were a musician in high school. It was probably because of Neil Peart, the drummer — one of the most badass drummers ever.

Vulture interrupted Trammell, who’s busy nesting at home in L. And Tommy’s trying to cheat Maxine out of her land, so he’s really burning a lot of bridges right now. I don’t know if I can really answer that specifically. I feel like if we end up doing a few more seasons, the writers may run out of story with that and come back to me. The opposite of what I do now — completely not preparing myself for life. But it doesn’t matter anymore: I’m about to have twins.

diner owner/shape-shifter/nice-guy-with-a-past Sam Merlotte) is more preoccupied with genetics: as in his still-gestating twin sons with actress-girlfriend Missy Yager. ] This season, we’re getting the feeling Sam just can’t trust his brother, Tommy. [There’s] a huge deception and a huge violation of trust. He’s got Maxine [Hoyt’s overbearing mom], but Tommy’s running out of friends in town. Just because of our story lines, there’s so much to resolve in hers and mine. There is some — I won’t say “resolution,” because I don’t wanna imply how well it goes or how not well it goes — but we do get together to talk. If there’s actually a French speaker there, I can speak in French and do pretty good.

I remember going to a Rush concert, and we just sat behind Neil Peart and watched him play drums. I saw him at a newsstand at, like, two in the morning.

I was also in an Ozzy Osbourne cover band, mostly because we had a guitarist who could play Randy Rhoads’s [parts].

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