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[on his role in Kampf der Titanen (2010)] Oh I want to do it exactly the same. no, I had a take on Perseus that I said to Louie and he went with it and the studio kind of liked my take, and we'll see if it works.[on the Terminator Franchise] Well, I reacquainted myself with the movies, obviously, before we started, but I would have been actually 15 or something when Terminator 2 came out. I've tried to reclaim a lost love and didn't know how to do it. In 2010, Worthington started a production company, Full Clip Productions, with two of his close friends John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz.The company teamed with Radical studios to print two graphic novels Damaged and Patriots.Sam made his film debut in the highly acclaimed Australian movie Bootmen, a movie about a troop of tap dogs.After doing some minor roles in A Matter of Life and Harts War he was again cast in yet another hailed Australian drama Dirty Deeds.Worthington soon became a household name, and starring in high profile films Kampf der Titanen (2010), Eine offene Rechnung (2010), Texas Killing Fields - Schreiendes Land (2011), Ein riskanter Plan (2012), and Zorn der Titanen (2012).

But it wasn't until 2004 that Sam got his big break.He then went on to work in Australian television on such shows as Water Rats - Die Hafencops (1996) and "Backburner" and then on the American TV show J. Worthington made his film debut in the highly acclaimed Australian movie Bootmen (2000), a film about a troop of "tap dogs".Minor roles proceeded in Das Tribunal (2002) and A Matter of Life (2001) before he was cast in another hailed Australian drama, Dirty Deeds (2002), co-starring Toni Collette and John Goodman.So you remember the liquid man, of course, and that was revolutionary for this time, going through the helicopter and all that. But I think what they do is they showcase how good a storyteller Jim is.

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Sam Worthington again appeared in another Aussie movie Getting Square but it wasnt until 2004 that he got his big break after he was offered the starring role in Australian drama Somersault.

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