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But then the cast of the show, a lot older now, posted pictures of a recent reunion, proving that a possible reboot might not be a rumor after all.

Though Jamie Lynn Spears was absent, due to her other work commitments, she seems to be all the way onboard.

"It's still quite raw."Despite his heartache, he only had nice things to say about Brandon, describing him as "wonderful" before reflecting: "All my relationships have ended in a nice way, never nasty."Although he wouldn't discuss their split any further, he acknowledged that "seeing gay relationships [in a public way] is important and refreshing.

You don't see it loads."The pair had been pictured kissing in LA back in October last year, with Sam then confirming that they were a couple on Speaking about one very passionate public kiss between the pair, Sam had previously explained: "We were just waiting outside the shop while my sister got cigarettes.

Nickelodeon has been killin' the reboot game for the past few years, giving us new installments of Back in 2015, Sean and Chris stepped back into the roles of Chase and Michael to answer a long-held question: What did Zoey say on the time capsule episode?

The mini reunion was a mega success, going viral online and racking up over 15 million views on You Tube. If all of that happened when only two actors reunited onscreen, imagine what could happen if ALL of them returned to PCA.

Sadly, Jamie was busy filming in Atlanta, so she couldn't make the L. dinner, but the cast still sent her an adorable video.

Apparently, she was supposed to Face Time with them, but she fell asleep. Her former cast mates sang the iconic theme song and shared how much they missed her.

Only thing missing was @jamielynnspears — we wish her lots of luck while she films her new show out in Atlanta!

She directed an Instagram post at Nickelodeon, asking them to call her people.

People really want to know what the students from the Pacific Coast Academy are up to now and let's just say a lot of things have changed, IRL at least.

My son has been going to him for three years and we could not be happier with his bedside manner, patience and responsiveness.

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