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If Disney hasn't received complaints for this already (and I suspect they have), then they likely will soon, and probably should.

Disney likely had television in mind when filming this, but some of the more imaginative dance numbers leave one wishing it had been filmed in widescreen for the DVD and cropped for television.

One would hope that the guests at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure, where the concert was filmed, knew what they were cheering for, but the in-store consumers certainly do not, prior to purchasing and opening.

It may not make a difference to some, but to others it likely will.

Aside from possible lip-synching, the actual content of the set is entertaining and its presentation acceptable, even if not always fully satisfying.

SET LIST "True To Your Heart" - Raven (Originally from Mulan) Introduction Welcome from Raven "The Second Star To The Right" - Jesse Mc Cartney (Originally from ) Backstage Interview with Jesse Mc Cartney "Beautiful Soul" - Jesse Mc Cartney Behind The Scenes of "Anytime You Need A Friend" Music Video with the Beu Sisters* "He's A Tramp" - The Beu Sisters (Originally from ) "Best Day of My Life" - Jesse Mc Cartney "Shine" - Raven (from "That's So Raven" - not included on any Disneymania CDs) Studio Interview with Stevie Brock "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" - Stevie Brock (Originally from ) "All For Love" - Stevie Brock Backstage Interview with Stevie Brock Grand Finale: "Supernatural" - Raven (from "That's So Raven" - not included on any Disneymania CDs) Closing from Raven/Credits *The music video itself is not included but can be found on the Home on the Range DVD.

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