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The Queensland-based blogger got teary-eyed when she explained the incident in a video.You can watch the apology video/explanation here on Daily Mail.If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you already know that Kylie dated Tyga before she and Travis fell in love and welcomed their adorable daughter to the world—but he’s just of her ex-boyfriends. These two dated for a pretty long time (2008 to 2011! If you truly don’t know how you missed this chapter in Kylie’s life, it’s because the relationship wasn’t chronicled on television for understandable reasons related to Kylie being a minor who deserved privacy.and once he started making "big bucks", he decided to make it official. So if Travie Mccoy is in a gang, most likely he's in the same gang is cousin Tyga is.she is currently dating randy-Davis and they are now engage that's not true.

She is currently dating Canadian rapper Drake but she has been linked to rapper Common as well.

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Tyga, a backronym for Thank You God Always, is a celebrated name in the world of music.

Travis Scott, but—much like the rest of us—she had to metaphorically swipe left on a lot of duds to find him. But, um, here’s some hard evidence of their relationship that’s just randomly floating around the internet: Before he and Gigi Hadid got together, Cody Simpson was in a “relationship” with Kylie.

No offense to anyone on this list, I’m sure you’re all great! Again, the level of public interest in her just wasn’t as intense back then (it was simply reported that they were a “couple”), so there’s not that much info on the interwebz about their fling.

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Lil Wayne(currently dating a rapper named Birdman) Bow Wow(used to date Omarion) New Boyz(rap due that consists of rappers Legacy & Ben J) Tyga(currently dating Drake) Drake(used to date Trey Songz) Irv Gotti(dating tranny named Marina Fuentes) Deadlee(rapper from california) Diggy Simmons Jo Jo Simmons(dating a transgender named Julisa) yes Tyga (Micheal Stevenson) is married to a young female by the name of Dewayna.

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