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This is also an area where discipline diverges most from punishment.

During the application phase of a discipline sessions, I’m much more likely to tease/pleasure her body ensuring her arousal is heightened as her discipline continues whereas for punishment, she would know only discomfort.

– True Story Not only does the author respond to Carrie’s situation, his words contain insight, encouragement and advice born […]Carrie needs to gain and secure the complete obedience of her husband who is only partially cooperating in this female led relationship.

Although this is an open letter to Rose of Rose and Terry whose many real-life articles on this site describe an enduring female led relationship, responses are welcomed from anyone with advice to […]How would you deal with your husband or boyfriend who engaged in forbidden communication with a woman who had previously caused tension your relationship? did not suffer in silence, nor engage in toxic passive-aggressive behaviour and most certainly would not allow the deep hurt to damage her marriage.

He is hoping that severe punishment spankings administered by her can correct his bad behaviour that is causing them to drift further apart.With her brother-in-law finally locked into chastity, Rose advises, “You will become very oral my […]Guilty of embarrassing his daughter in front of her friends, Terry’s very strict disciplinarian wife administers a painful and humiliating spanking within earshot of those same friends and their boyfriends with the results on full display.While discipline can be enjoyed at any time as an expression of dominant and submissive roles, punishment should obviously be spared for those times when submissives have blatantly disappointed their Dom.The subject of the discipline is responsible for retrieving any gear to be used in their discipline.While that could be as simple as having him/her retrieve a paddle or riding crop for me, it could also include gear such as ball gags or spreader bars.

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For this reason, this is often what would be considered a more advanced stage of cuckolding and isn’t an experience a couple new to cuckolding would likely have unless with a very experienced Dom.

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