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The increasing access to the internet, higher education outside India, and the media have played major roles in the popularity and usage of sex toys.Numerous females have had several sex-related associates before their wedding, and have not been culturally ostracised for it.While we would not go so far as to say that women in India can wish about the kind of sex-related independence that females in foreign countries have.But young females in the city no longer perceive sex as something that can be done only after wedlock.The internet and media have also influenced women to date and explore their sexual desires.Chat rooms, sexual encounter dating sites, and access to porn have all provided women pathways to explore their sexual desires.

Some appreciate this change while others see it as a threat.

Indian women have started experimenting with the concept of sex toys.

They feel that these toys are purely safe and harmless.

More and more people are talking about sex and sex relevant problems.

And they no longer think twice to research more if it increases their sexual satisfaction.

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Indian women feel that this mode of communication is uncomplicated and straightforward.

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