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Been considering focusing on this semester of school and my weight loss journey for a few months, and maybe hopping back on bumble/tinder/etc at the start of 2020. Anyway, as we're walking to her place, we ended up talking about the one time she had intercourse with another girl.

At the same time, I’m worried that I will miss out on THAT match. She said it was a great experience, but a one time thing.

The answer to the first part of the question, “When is a man too old to marry? Everyone has the right to be happy regardless of his or her age. Committing yourself via holy matrimony to someone you love doesn’t have an age limit.I think it’s very special when senior citizens fall in love and marry.I desire a LTR with possibilities of marriage in the future, but I’m getting really burnt out on dating. Me (24M, Belgian) had Tinder date a couple of days ago. We walked around town and sat at a pub for 8 hours straight and it literally was like the best date ever.The same introductions, get to know you conversations. It’s starting to feel monotonous and it feels like I need to remove myself from it for awhile. We hit it off great, had a lot of fun (some great dark humor) and great conversation and we both felt both a physical attraction as well as a more serious connection on a more personal/emotional level. We planned a new date a week later to the Belgian natural history museum, and were just walking home to her place at around 3 or 4 a.m., where we would watch some porn (for some reason, we wanted to discus the graphic details in some explicit Anime/Hentai movies).

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In my short time in VA i met countless women, hookups and relationships.

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