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In fact, most of the recent Windows versions like the Windows 10 handle the update process in a much more elegant manner as opposed to lets says Windows XP systems.You turn on your computer one day and Windows refuses to boot—what do you do?BIOS is a term we have heard from quite sometimes, in fact, it’s possible that for most of your hardware issues the IT guy may have suggested a BIOS upgrade before troubleshooting the hardware. BIOS is an acronym for (Basic Input Output System) and is a piece of software that goes along with the PC’s motherboard.In a nutshell, it forms a layer of communication between the hardware and the operating system.The updates usually bake in enhancements and fixes which will eventually help the software maintain its compatibility with the hardware and the software.That being said unlike most of the other apps the BIOS needs to be updated manually, and that’s precisely the very thing that we will be explaining in this segment.

If it still won’t power on at all, it’s possible you disconnected a power cable inside its case.You can just jot down the BIOS number and match it against the latest version from the manufacturer’s website, if needed update the same.BIOS not only helps maintain the stability of your system but it will also increase the security and try to protect the system from any vulnerability.One can also run a command in CMD to check the BIOS version.Click on “Start Button” and press Run, once the Run box appears type system info and then press OK.

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