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Unfortunately for Laura, heartbreak struck again, when Jack dumped her in favour of surfer chic Laura Crane...leaving viewers in shock when he kissed her just hours later.Whoever the person is calling up the [tabloids] please to get a life it's embarrassing! Me and Laura had a fantastic holiday in Barbados and are very much looking forward to Christmas!We would like to keep our relationship as private as possible to stop stories like this being written!Showing she is the bigger person, Laura A decided to wish Jack and Laura C the very best of luck when they were dumped from the villa together.

Watch the clip, via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Youtube, below: Broussard was a swimmer himself, competing with the Rice University Masters from 2009 until 2011.

Magazine, "When we came out of the villa there was a lot of work-related things we did together and then Paul went away for three weeks."He went to the Burning Man festival in America and he couldn't get phone signal for a week. I trusted him not to do things with other girls, which he didn't."I was hoping that when he came back we'd spend more time together and build a proper relationship out of the villa.

It didn't happen." In totally shocking news, Paul was later accused of 'faking' his whole romance with Laura, with reports suggesting he had a 'secret girlfriend' during his Love Island stint. Magazine, "Paul lived with his girlfriend in New York before he went onto Love Island."He got offered the chance to go on the show and was against the idea at first – but knew it would be good for his career.

Love Island star Laura Anderson couldn't catch a break during her time in villa in 2018, but when she met Paul Knops, fans hoped the pair would live happily ever after.

Unfortunately the former Islanders announced their split not long after the show finished, with Paul confirming he had broken up with Laura after realising they weren't 'compatible' enough.

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After rekindling their romance, Laura joined heat's Love Island: Under the Duvet in June, where she gushed about how amazing Max is.

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