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Seattle singles earned low marks across the board for their lack of communication, confidence and optimism, the release said. Friendly, beautiful women, great weather, plenty to do — and home to the most passive men in America. The Great Love Debate, a nationally touring show and podcast that stops in Denver regularly, has named Seattle “America’s Worst City To Find Love” for 2018.(RELATED: San Francisco Spending On Homeless Could Balloon To A Whopping 0 Million If Residents Make This Move) Wallet Hub compared 182 cities across three key factors — economics, dating opportunities and fun and recreation — in order to gather its results.The nation’s 150 most populated cities were evaluated, as well as at least two of the most populated cities in each state, according to Wallet Hub.

That’s one title the Mile High City won’t be sad to shed. Other terrible cities include San Jose for “a sorry stalemate between women who think they’re too good for him and men who think they’re entitled to her”; Phoenix, with “go ahead guys, offer to take her on a date.Nearly half of Americans over the age of 15, or about 130 million, are single, according to the U. About 36% of adults under 65 today have never been married, compared to 26% in 1990. Marriage rates among the young are falling, according to the Institute for Family Studies.Some cities encourage dating simply by having more nightlife options as well as fun sights to visit during the day; others either don’t have so many or they cost too much. reviewed the portion of the adult population who is single in all U. metro areas, the concentration of restaurants and bars, and income levels to determine the worst cities for singles.Less than half of the adult population in all 25 cities on the following list is single.

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I must admit, I initially saw the 2018 Best & Worst Cities For Dating list complied by Wallet Hub and assumed Los Angeles would be the worst city for dating.

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