Wpf binding in code not updating

You may do this like so: The property is changed on a command on the viewmodel of the object, I now tried to manually fire notifypropertychange on the collectionproperty (checked that it actually did fire), but the grid still doesn't refresh. The initial load of the screen appears to work but when Is Visible is changed from false to true, the row does not reappear in the gridview.

If I set Is Filtering Allowed = true and change a filter manually I can get it to appear, but this is not an ideal solution.

c#,.net,winforms The problem is you're trying to enable or disable the button when checking individual textboxes and they're conflicting with each other, instead the logic needs to be at a higher level. However the C# compiler does provide Equals, Get Hash Code, and To String implementations. Equals, method which will do the appropriate null checks and then call... "); Have a look at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.sendkeys.send(v=vs.110)for more information....

These providers also provide you steps to map the domain name to your website. This link explains domain name configuration in details. Like this: public class Product Controller: Controller{ private IProduct Command Service command Service; private IProduct Query Service query Service; private IId Generation Service id Generator; [Http Post] public Action Result Create(Product product){ var new Product Id = id Generator. c#,Anonymous types do not provide operator overloads for ==, although it wouldn't matter in this case since one of the arguments is typed object.

Contract Note has the property Is Eco Generated, and it implements , the Notify Property Changed is also triggered on the setter of the property.

Can you give me a hint on what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do to get the grid to update/refresh?

c#,.net,regex,string,replace To remove all the dots present inside the square brackets.

So you can use it directly without referencing it from the resources. I'm using MVVM and I bind Window View Model as a Data Context to Main Window.

Another Tip: When you get the error "No constructor for type '...' has 0 parameters.", you need to add an default constructor to your converter, even it's not needed. Inside Window View Model I have some objects like Document View Model which has also some properties. But without setting Document View Model as Context of my Label!

This is the preferred method in WPF to bring data to the user interface. The target property of the binding must be a Dependency Property.

Databinding can be unidirectional (source - target). To make the databinding properly work, both sides of a binding must provide a change notification that tells the binding when to update the target value. NET properties this is done by raising the If you want to bind two properties of different types together, you need to use a Value Converter.

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c#,visual-studio,setup-project You can use a Microsoft Setup project or WIX (easily integrate with Visual Studio). •You can do almost all of your customization in setup project by adding custom actions. You can do a complete customization from wix but it... c#,reflection,custom-attributes,If you have obtained the Assembly, you can just iterate over the types and check for your conditions: var matching Types = from t in asm. This will shield you from low level thread manipulation and...

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