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The day we were going to meet was the day that my conscience was really heavy and something got lifted when I decided to go meet him.I feel that's the "holy spirit" going away(if you go and believe what Bro.

I was told it was not mandatory, but my mother had guilt tripped me every time I wasn't able to save up for it--comparing me to the other kids and youth who, despite their allowances are able to give weekly.

Reaching out to people and providing assistance to those who are in need is part of the Members Church of God International (MCGI)'s mission alongside worldwide evangelization.

I am an inactive member (I don't know because I haven't really switched and they tag you "inactive" if you don't go there anymore).

About the Ang Dating Daan TV Mobile App Do you have questions about religion, faith, spirituality?

Do you need clarifications about some passages in the Holy Scriptures? Use the video streaming mobile app to experience another great way to study the good news in the BIble.

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