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Curtis Conway is a retired wide receiver who played his last season with the 49ers in 2004.

He was drafted out of USC by the Bears in the first round of the 1993 NFL draft.

Jennings and Walsh have been married since December 2005.

The couple has three children—not that being a mom has hindered Walsh-Jennings in any way.

Meaning that a 2 or 3 isn't nearly as low as it sounds—so don't freak out. Finch and Daigle have been together for over a decade and were married in January 2005.

The couple have twin sons—named Diesel and Dean—and they welcomed a baby girl in early 2013.

Stevens is more accomplished as a criminal than a professional football player, meaning his free agent status is likely permanent.

Solo and Stevens began dating in the summer of 2012 after she returned from competing at the London Olympics.

Which is good, because you don't really give a kid a lot of options when you name him Diesel.

She actually gave birth to two of them between Beijing and London and was five weeks pregnant with her daughter Scout during the London Olympics.

Walsh-Jennings actually posed nude before and after the baby for His Score: 7Her Score: 6Former Indy Car driver Danica Patrick made the leap to NASCAR in 2010 as part of the Nationwide Series.

But there are a few of these couples in which each side is pulling equal weight in terms of athletic ability and career accomplishments. Each athlete is given a score of 1-10 based on their careers to date, so it's a combined score of 20. His Score: 2Her Score: 7Jennie Finch was the pitcher for the American women's softball team that won gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Just keep in mind that as a non-athlete, your athletic ability would be ranked from 0 to -10 (maybe even -20) on the same scale. Casey Daigle is a baseball pitcher who has played for a number of Triple-A affiliates since 2004.

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That being said, not all athlete and athlete relationships are created equal.

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