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Thus, feminine men are advantageous in relationships because they are able to key into a woman's emotions and talk openly about them.Compared to more masculine men, feminine men will share in activities often seen as feminine.The more femininity that exists between two people in a relationship, the more likely they will handle conflict appropriately.Women are socialized to relate to others and femininity is associated with high verbal skills.When I was playing the field, the one thing that used to worry me the most was whether I’d have enough things to talk about.What if there was an uncomfortable lull in conversation, what would I do then?Small talk wasn’t, and still isn’t, my forte, so coming up with topics to talk about was always an issue.But once you stop thinking about these things and just go for it, everything is a lot better.

Though they are atypical, feminine men offer rich opportunities for satisfaction in relationships.

Feminine men have qualities that predispose them to handling conflict constructively.

The spring 2006 issue of "The Journal of Men's Studies" states that feminine qualities are tied to handling conflict through positive means.

In a feminine man, this socialization may manifest as a higher capability of expressing emotional concerns by using an appropriate and descriptive vocabulary.

Feminine men are more likely to possess positive views of women.

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