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Perhaps feeds could be written to each instance so they would be cached on each machine?

A low budget startup can effectively bootstrap using EC2 and S3.

Squid does not boost dynamic page at all, the speed gain in his test is because his client is requesting the same page in paralell, and squid will return the same page for the concurrent requests.

Re: Lighttpd Squid Apache搭建高效率Web服务器 不太同意这一点,对Squid而言,动态页面和静态页面是一样的,只要设置好HTTP头, 如果设置Expires,是没有缓存效果的 如果不能Cache动态页面的话,那怎么起到加速效果? 由 davies 发表于 Wed Sep 13 2006 5.

See what user response is by looking at what they actually do on the site.

All you need is an idea that appeals to a lot of people, a site that takes off by word of mouth, and the experience and vision to build a site without falling into the typical traps of the trade.

Creating simple things is the result of years of practical experience.

Markus thinks there isn't a single site in the top 100 that doesn’t use a CDN.

There is a balance point which you can uncover by profiling your code.

Re: Lighttpd Squid Apache搭建高效率Web服务器 看来是我没有仔细看你文章了, 确实没有注意到你文章里面提了 expire 头 静态页面也可以设置 expire 头的,用 web server 的一个模块就可以 这样基本就是全部用 squid 缓冲了.

Re: Lighttpd Squid Apache搭建高效率Web服务器 另外。我觉得单机搞三层没什么必要,你这个情况可以完全抛弃apache。我现在的遗憾是nginx其他都很强,就是memcache没完善,所以必须弄个Squid 由 bianbian [www] 发表于 Fri Apr 6 2007 13.

大型、高负载网站架构和应用初探 时间:30-45分钟 开题:163,sina,sohu等网站他们有很多应用程序都是PHP写的,为什么他们究竟是如何能做出同时跑几千人甚至上万同时在线应用程序呢? For example, as the popularity of a web application grows, it can be called scalable if you can maintain good performance metrics by simply making small hardware additions.

to get more general system performance information.

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If you have a query SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 5,10, let's say, running SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users LIMIT 5,10 is essentially free with My ISAM but takes the same amount of time as the first query with Inno DB.

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