X80004005 error validating windows first dating etiquettes

Using the "Apply Driver" step in Win PE (64bit): with WMI filtering for model filtering to install a driver package.Currently failing to apply drivers - I'm not sure where to go from the DISM logs attached; note it fails after successfully applying some drivers.Verify your Microsoft Account has a license: has been used to activate Office on the maximum number of computers allowed.Visit your account page to manage your settings and then return here to retry activation." To fix this issue, please follow the steps in Installation limit reached error when activating Office for Mac.In the case of any of the above, follow the steps in Office for Mac repeatedly requesting keychain access to reset your keychain permissions. We’ve confirmed your purchase, but in order to activate you will need to download a version of Office for Mac from this Link" If you're trying to activate a one-time purchase of Office for Mac and you get the above error message, this is because your Priviliged Helper Tools folder is incorrectly not accessible to your user account.Find out if your Priviliged Helper Tools folder is not accessible: Have you seen this error? The error code is 0x D0001043" This is a server issue that occurs when trying to activate Office 365 for Mac. If you're still seeing this error, try this: If you're trying to activate Office for Mac and have received error code 0x D000001c, this is because your Mac's name contains invalid characters when being sent to our server.

If the issue you're having is not in these lists, you may also be experiencing an emerging issue.To fix this issue, update your Mac's name to remove the invalid characters: Microsoft is aware of and currently working on this issue.If you've activated Office for Mac 2016 but are still seeing a message that says "You need to activate Office for Mac within X days," please try these steps to resolve your issue: If you own multiple licenses and have installed using the incorrect one, or you had a one-time install of Office for Mac and then purchase Office 365, you might need to remove licenses attached to your suite of Office and reactivate to ensure you're getting all the benefits of Office 365.See the Mac section in Fixes or workarounds for recent Office installation or activation issues for help and updates on these recent issues. Office keeps asking me to sign in / "Authentication Expired" error One-time purchase of Office confirmed, but still can't activate Activated but still prompted to activate.To complete any of the steps below, you'll need the email address and password associated with your active and licensed Office 365 subscription or your one-time purchase of Office for Mac. Office for Mac repeatedly requesting keychain access Are you using the correct Microsoft Account (MSA)?

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Both of the reasons I found are already in other answers, but they are in separate answers and not fully explained.

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