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Best of all, you can opt for the standard seating with the option to upgrade to bottomless popcorn, or splurge a few bucks more and cozy up in a double deckchair love seat -- this is a date, after all.Old Man Bar might not be the name that first springs to mind for a date, but the dark and cozy cocktail haven hidden inside Culver City’s Hatchet Hall is prime date territory and not some old fogey hang.Many suspect that is paying people to contact free members to get them to sign up as paid members.This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and an easy way to detect this is to sign up as a free member post nothing on your profile and don’t upload a picture of yourself.After a leisurely stroll around town, you can hop back on the train, sip craft beer and wine on board, and catch the sunset on the way back home.(Unless things go really well, and you wind up staying the night.) Take your date to new heights with an al fresco screening from Rooftop Cinema Club’s latest season, which includes a mix of classics and recent award winners.Pro tip: Share one of everything so you can try it all, go as early as possible to avoid the afternoon hordes, and don’t forget to spend some time in the beer garden.

The thrill of hiking is amplified tenfold when you’ve got two magnificent wolves leading the way.

They’ve also just launched a new “Late Night Burger Bang Bang” special every Sunday and Monday from 10pm to 1am perfect for an after-hours meetup -- complete with ’80s jams on the turntable.

Of course, you may need to clarify to your date that the “bang bang” implies a tempting combo of a beer and a shot paired with a juicy burger and beef fat fried potatoes for -- but that’s up to you.

While those who don’t live in LA may not believe we have seasons, the absence of heat lamps on patios and the inability to wear more than one layer says otherwise: LA spring/summer (sprummer? What better way to embrace the season than by planning a brilliant date that offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and take in some Vitamin D?

From outdoor movie screenings to stunning views from both rooftops and horseback, here are our favorite date ideas that we’re totally willing to let you take credit for.

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