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Please read this tutorial about how to create custom facebook login app.On the client side you can also customize login functionality.Further, if you use HTTPS for your website, browser will not allow any other non-secure communication.So websocket communication must be secure as well, it must use instead of ws protocol. Depending on your server setup, one or another could be easier to configure.Here are short instructions how to use this tool: Since Chrome 47 a camera/mic access is allowed only over https.For that reason you will be forced to use HTTPS protocol only.Hence globals function unserialize Session($session_data, $start_index = 0, &$dict = null) $session Arr = unserialize Session(file_get_contents(session_save_path() . $cookies['PHPSESSID'])); print_r($session Arr); However, there's a catch.

First of all, the websocket server app is not standard php web script, but rather CLI app.

Take a look at login parameter in the client options.

For example, if you customize this function you can integrate your own login dialog.

The user which runs websocket cli server must have permissions to read php session files in order for this code to work.

Thus, if you need to access and manage session data, we recommend to change session handler and store session data in database (mysql, redis, etc.).

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Here are a few topics which can help managing Video Chat PRO server side process.

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